BEI Photography

The photography specialists at Birds Eye Imaging understand the angles you need to show your listings in the best possible way. 

We pride ourselves on making you look good. Period. Sure, you might be able to sell a home by using your own camera (and hopefully you don't sink to the level of using your smart phone) but think beyond that home to the rest of your business. Will those photos earn you the next listing?

Our team of photographers are specialists in real estate photography and we all strive to make you stand out so you can produce the best marketing materils possible for the current listing and for listings to come. Because we're a team, our schedule is incredibly flexible and we strive to meet the short notice scheduling requests while at the same time providing a 24 hr turn around for your content. Try us out! All first time clients can take an additional $25 off the listed photography price! 

If you prefer to talk to a human to book a shoot, you're more than welcome to call us (503.893.9831) and we'll walk you through it.